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    Post by Rob Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:07 am

    We have a singular mission here, 'Be a place where starting concept artists can get a better chance to get into the industry'.  Absolutely all other goals, ideas and niceties are trivial.  A big reason why we have pros here, (many of which are my personal friends) is that there is a high confidence the person on the other end of their conversation is a specifically dedicated person.  If I am truly frank, I would nuke anything on this server up to the root itself if I thought it would help get someone a job, so I take the mission seriously.   Mods and I are on an endless pursuit to locate optimizations towards the primary mission.  That includes, qualifying anyone and everything against the mission.  I completely understand this is a narrow standard, and a it is a standard that is not for everyone.  If that is the case, no worries at all, there are a ton of servers out there, try a few and find a perfect fit!

    Access to and use of the Concept Art Discord is conditioned on acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users, and guests who access or use the Concept Art Discord. By accessing or using the Concept Art Discord you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Concept Art Discord.

    The thoughts and opinions expressed in this server by users, visitors, and guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the moderating team.
    The moderating team is not held responsible for breaches of contract or Non-Disclosure Agreements by users, visitors, or guests in this server.

    ▫   >> Users, visitors, and guests of the server must follow generally accepted professional workplace behaviors while using the server. <<
    ▫  Shitposting, provoking members, manufacturing tension, or manipulating intent is not allowed.
    ▫  Self promotion related to any sales of products or marketing needs to be moderator approved.
    ▫  Posts specifically designed to irritate members not allowed.
    ▫  Posts that are defamatory, racist, NSFW, encouraging an offence, crime or suicide, not allowed.
    ▫  Avoid posts that are disrespectful of culture, religion, nationality, ethnicity or any groups of persons.
    ▫  Do not share private correspondence without the agreement of the persons concerned.
    ▫  Do not share pirated data or links.
    ▫  Please adhere to channel intentions.
    ▫  Comments on grave subjects, such as the health of persons, are not allowed.
    ▫  Comments reaching the Godwin point, i.e. introducing controversial themes unrelated to the discussion in progress.
    ▫  Comments aiming only to put online a link towards an external site (spam or trashback) are not allowed.
    ▫  Comments that would contravene any other legislative or regulatory provision in force.
    ▫  Absolutely no harassing or threatening, members.
    ▫  Avoid advertising, and solicitation, including other communities.

    Links to External Websites:
    The moderating team is not responsible for the validity, accuracy, or relevance of Resource links posted by users, visitors, and guests to the server. Links posted to pirated content will result in the deletion of the link as well as permanent IP ban from the server.

    The moderating team may grant access to the external websites of affiliates or third parties (“Partners”), through hypertext links or by the inclusion of Partners’ content on the Website.
    Although the choice of links to external websites is subject to care and vigilance in accordance to server guidelines, the moderating team cannot be held liable for the provision of these external websites. The moderating team shall not bear any responsibility as to the content, advertising, products, services or any other material featured on these external websites or available on or downloaded from these external websites. You agree to use the Partners’ sites at your own risk and subject to their terms and conditions.

    Why we ban:
    Our primary pillar of this server is the ability for starting artists to become professional artists.  Nobody is above that pillar.  I have been quoted many times as saying 'Treat this server like a job interview'.   Unfortunately, sometimes people are not a fit,  It is not personal, and It does not make them a bad person.   The reason someone does not work out can be obvious at times, or it can be subtle.  The team here works extremely hard to keep this server on course, and I have to respect that effort.  If we see any individual become a source for discontent among those we trust, we will defer to respecting their efforts, quickly and concisely.   I hope everyone has a great day and I encourage exploring one of the many really cool concept art servers on discord if the pillars of this server seem like they are unreasonable.

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